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This is the official website for the git-game and all its versions!

What is the git-game?

Great question! The git-game is a terminal based game that teaches both new and advances users some pretty cool features of the git scm (source control management) system. The theme of the game is a scavanger hunt. Using git's commands you find clues that will help you solve the "puzzle".

How do I play?

Also a great question! In order to play you simply clone the respository and follow the instructions in the README. Simple as That.

What type of experience do need?

You will need a basic understanding of how git works. Stuff like

$ git clone 
$ git add
$ git commit
$ git log

If you know theses basic things above then you should be just fine :)

Lets Get Started!

First, pick a flavor


link to game


link to game

Then run this command in your terminal

$ git clone<GIT-GAME-VERSION>.git
And then just follow the README. Good luck!